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Ever wanted to change your Windows passwords via a web interface? Look no further! Password Manager for IIS is exactly what you are looking for. [more...]

Don't you like installing client side components? Nor do we! Password Manager for IIS is a server-centric solution. It works with any standard browser, so there is no need to set up anything at the client. Just install and enjoy! [more...]

Looking for a Password Manager for Pocket PCs? You are very close - please visit www.pocketpasswords.com to find one!

Interested in unlimited free updates and  priority support? Here is good news: Adiscon's UpgradeInsurance, available immediately. [more...]


PasswordManager is Microsoft Windows 2003 ready!


We are committed to highest quality software and services. All of our products are customer driven.

Rainer Gerhards,
President, Adiscon

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